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    I am running Win 2000 and MovieStar 4.22 and everytime I try to capture Video(either post or real time processing) it just stops recording(the recording timer stops). Then if i hit the stop recording button it says "Encoding Not Started" and locks my computer up. I called tech support and there answer was reinstall which i have done many times. All Help Appreciated. Also if you have win2000 and are using a different USB Capture and it works please let me know. Thanks.
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  2. try to get the patch of moviestar 4.23 at and install it!
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    Well, there's no use trying to get the patch to upgrade to Moviestar 4.23, because the patch doesn't work for the Dazzle Video Creator USB.

    I had the EXACT same problem...reinstalled countless times, in different directories, etc., with no solution. The Dazzle tech support was certainly less than dazzling, as well. Utterly worthless.

    What DID work for me was this...I reinstalled Windows 2000 and did NOT upgrade to Service Pack 2. I realized that my Moviestar had stopped working correctly about the time of my upgrade to Service Pack 2...since doing this, Moviestar has worked fine...or at least it has worked as well as it ever has.

    Good luck.

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    I finnally got a response from Dazzle here it is:
    By the way None of it worked. I partitioned my hard drive and put Windows ME on. I didn't try the above Service Pack 1 Fix though.

    ================================================== ====
    Item #1.
    Check DirectX
    If you use DirectX 8.0, make sure your ATI drivers can handle DirectX
    Read on...
    DirectX 8.00 and 7.00 was a "bad boy"
    Download 8.0a -- works much better.
    After 8.0a is installed, if the error still occurs, try this:
    ================================================== ====
    ++++++++++++++++++++++ DirectX controls +++++++++++++++++++
    ================================================== ====
    First, try setting the Windows display to:
    Display size: 1024 by 768 pixels for Dazzle MovieStar 4.xx, 800 x 600
    Dazzle 3.xx
    Colors: TruColor, 24 bits --OR-- HiColor, 16 bits.
    "TruColor 32 bits" is not always supported by DirectDraw, a subset of
    but it is OK to try 32 bits if TruColor 24 bits is not available.
    ================================================== ====
    Believe it or not, DirectDraw gets into the act just to make a
    picture or capture video or send video and sound to a VCR.
    In particular, faster computers and AGP graphics cards cause some
    problems with DirectDraw. There is apparently some software timing
    loops that need to change ever so slightly to restore graphics order.
    I have listed Windows-98 DirectX controls so you can investigate
    and change the timing relationship. The same controls will often
    fix game difficulties, too.
    So check / change these items one at a time in the order you see them:
    Usually the next item (2) fixes the problem.
    ================================================== ====
    Change the graphics card "acceleration" setting.
    ================================================== ====
    The graphic below is best viewed using the font: "Times New Roman,
    Click Start, Settings, Control Panel and DOUBLE click on the System
    Click on the "Performance" tab.
    Move the "Graphics acceleration" slider to the 2nd notch from NONE.
    Click APPLY and OK and close the Control Penel.
    Windows may want to restart, make it so.
    The Graphics acceleration usually works best on the SECOND notch
    from NONE. Do not use NONE, it will cripple the graphics card:
    Graphics Acceleration:
    NONE |------|------|------| FULL
    SET TO-----^
    Test again. Click the MovieStar "Camcorder" button on the right side.
    Make a recording.
    This time, a thumbnail should appear in the Work Space
    when the STOP button is clicked.
    IF things work OK, try raising the graphics acceleration ONE notch at
    a time to find the "bad" level -- then just back off ONE notch to the
    to optimize the graphics acceleration.
    ================================================== ====
    Item #2.
    New DirectX Patch
    In addition, here is a new patch for DirectX 8.0a and 8.00:
    Here's a head's up just in case you didn't already know about it.
    Recently while doing qualification for the new Hollywood HW, I ran into
    output problem while using Adobe Premiere 6. Every time I tried to
    a DV file to TV using Premiere in windows 98 SE, the file would play
    50 times faster than normal. It did not happen in other OS's and did
    happen with MGI video wave or Main Actor. After checking the Premiere
    discussion board on the Adobe website I downloaded an update from
    Microsoft's DirectX website. It is a digital video capture update for
    DirectX 8.0 and 8.0a. Installing this file fixed the problem. It may
    fix many other problems for video capture devices and applications.
    file can be used in win 98SE, ME, and 2000, but I am assuming that it
    should not be used windows XP since DirectX 8.1 comes with that OS (but
    may be wrong).

    Here is a quote from the DirectX website

    Video Capture Update for DirectX 8.0
    (Formerly known as Digital Video Update for DirectX 8.0). Users
    video capture devices should install this update after installing
    DirectX 8.0 or 8.0a runtime. Affected video capture devices

    TV tuner and video capture cards/peripherals (AGP, PCI, USB,
    IEEE 1394)

    Digital Video (DV) devices connected to OHCI-compliant IEEE
    ports, also called FireWire or i-link

    Products known to benefit from the update:

    ATI All-In-Wonder, VIVO, or TV tuner cards using MMC 7.1 or

    All OHCI-compliant IEEE 1394 interfaces

    Adobe Premiere 6.0

    Ulead VideoStudio 5.0

    Here is the link where you can download the update:
    ================================================== ====
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