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  1. Good day all

    I've spent a few days Googling, to no avail. I'm trying to create an effect that will give the impression of first person, or at the least, create a sort of distorted border for my video.

    I'm using Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 9.0.

    There are a few clips in the timeline, giving the impression of forward motion, and now would like to create an effect that would further enhance the 'feel' as if looking through someone's eyes. Something similar to the distortion from glass toward the end of frame, or even overlaying something similar to a glass face?

    Just at a bti of a loss where to start, or where to look for information.

    Any suggestions welcome.

    Thank you in advance.
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  2. I'm unclear as to what you're trying to do. Can you find an example ? (maybe on youtube) ?

    If you want a distorted border , you can overlay a layer on top, like a vingnette, and blur the edges.
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  3. Thanks for the reply.

    I have actually tried searchign YouTube as well, and no luck even finding an example there.

    Basically, if I were to put a glass lens in front of the camera, which distorts the outer edges of frame (maybe bends, or streaks), giving the impression of seeing through someone / something's eyes.
    Kind of a ring of distortion round the central view?

    The video clips are already sort of first person, but needing to 'show' that it's being viewed that way.

    There was something similar used in an episode of X Files once, with a creature stalking people.

    I'll try the suggestion (just need to shuffle a few things, I've run out of video tracks).

    Thanks again!!
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  4. Sorry still unclear ....

    Is it a monocular lens distortion like a camera ? or someone wearing spectacles ?

    Maybe a radial blur applied through a mask, so only the outer circumference is affected ?

    Can you clarify what kind of distortion on the periphery ? is it blurred ? is it constant, does it change?
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    I've seen a few POV shots done with a combination of extreme wide-angle lenses (with main subject very close to the camera), combined with diffusion filters to soften the edges around the frame. But that's always done in the shooting phase, not post-production editing. Otherwise, a soft matte could be applied to darken or blur the periphery of the frame.

    Worst-case scenario: put a diffusion filter over the camera lens and reshoot your already-shot footage from the monitor. That ought to make things look funky.
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  6. Thanks all for the further information and suggestions.

    And apologies if I've been unclear.

    It would be monocular, and not like wearing spectacles. Almost as if looking through a single lens that distorted everything around the edges.

    I hadn't thought of masking things and then using the radial blur (I tried the blur, but no mask). Bit of a newb thing to do, oops
    It would be nice to mask off the central area, and then distort the surrounds as if via glass (think of looking through the bottom of a glass bottle; you see the centre clear, but it's surrounded by a ring of distortion that acts on all the images showing through).

    I hope this is a bit clearer, and thank again for the info!!
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  7. @filmboss: good idea for the worst-case. Might just if time runs out!!
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  8. Sorry, are you still asking how to do this ? I'm not sure if the studio version has the built in effects as the pro version ,or if it allows multiple tracks ?

    In vegas pro, one simple way of doing this is to apply a cookie cutter effect (in the video fx) with circle center cut out (feathered edges) and apply the blur or whatever effects all to the top layer . The 2nd layer below is the exact same video, it is the layer that shows though the "hole" in the center and has no blur applied . This way only the periphery or circumference only gets whatever effects you applied to the top layer. The feathering amount makes the transition not so sharp bewteen the edge and the "hole"

    But I'm not sure if this is the effect you're going after ? Is the peripheral distortion as simple effect as a blur ? or do you have more than that , more psychedelic ? - your xfiles reference makes me think that. Can you clarify exactly what kind of distortion ? For example is it wavy and change over time as you advance or is it static? A simple lens would have similar distortion temporally, but something like a displacement map could give you wavy lines. I'm thinking a simple blur might be too "plain" for the effect you are going for ? - but you could still use masks or the cookie cutter method to limit to the circumference
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  9. I was still battling, up until a few minutes ago!!

    Thank you all.
    What I eventually went with, was to use an eliptical gradient, going from centre transparent to outer black, and then creating a mask using that. Not exactly what I was looking for, but it's kept everyoen happy, and needs to be shown at a production meeting in the morning.

    I am not using the Pro version, and had to shuffle a few of my tracks about to fit in the mask to composit, but it looks great now.

    A BIG thank you for all the comments. Got me on the right path!!
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