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  1. need help..... i have already coasted two disc after converting a Revenge Of The Sith 1080p mkv (Sky HD euro broadcast edition) video quality is great when played on ps3 or stand alone blu ray player but the audio goes out of sync every time it gets to the part of the movie where Anakin bows down and sells his soul to Papeltine... from that point on audio goes out of sync by atleast a 5 second delay... can any one help me with this... maybe the mkv file is corrupted??? cause this is the second one i downloaded and the first i was not able to even re-encode due to massive errors..........never had this issue before. i used AVCHD to convert mkv file to iso, and then used power iso program to burn to disc...

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    Please do not ask for help on copyright movies that you have downloaded,this is illegal and against forum rules.Thread closed.
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