I'm encountering a problem with one of my videos. It's an AVI file and encoded in the standard definition DV format.
When playing the video in the VLC media player, everything is running smoothly. But when I play it in the Windows Media Player, it stutters.

I've already transcoded and burnt the Video on DVD. There I'm getting the same results: Stuttering in Windows Media Player, thumbs up in VLC. On DVD players (e .g. the Playstation 3) it also stutters.
It didn't matter how I transcoded the file. I've tried it with a constant and variable bit rate, with one and two passes, with 4 MBit and more. All in vain.

When I analyse the source video with GSpot, I'm getting the following message: "2.78 GB unneeded bytes at the end of the file." As a whole the file is about 8.7 GB big.

Do you know any hints for me? I'd be very thankful.