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  1. Is it possible to play Region 1: US, CA DVD on my British Pioneer SL DT310 system? If not is a conversion possible?
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    Some Pioneer DVD players can be made region free by entering what is called a "hack code". You'll need to search on the internet to see if one is available for your player. Do NOT pay anyone for this. Anyone that tries to charge you for it is stealing your money. And please note that due to hardware changes by manufacturers, some codes that worked in the past may not work any more. In general, Pioneer DVD players often can be made region free, but I don't know anything about your model.

    You can always rip the DVD to a PC and reburn it. Ripping removes region coding. The odds are extraordinarily high that your DVD player can player region free NTSC DVDs without problems. We have various guides on ripping and burning. DVDFab HD Decrypter (free version) should be OK to rip your DVD to the PC.
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