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  1. I downloaded some .flv files from a class that I attended as a webcast (so I cannot point you to the videos since they were subscription only). When I play them in a browser, they seem to work fine. When I download them using the Activity monitor in Safari or Video downloader in FireFox and then try to play them with QuickTime 7 on my MacBook, the audio and video are out of sync. Sometimes, it is over 2 minutes out of sync.

    Any recommendations for how to get this back into sync?

    The reason that I don't want to view it in a browser is that I would like to view them at home at night after work. My home is in a very rural area and (gasp) I only have a dial-up connection. At my business, I have faster access and so can download the videos.

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  2. What happens in another player? eg. VLC ?
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  3. >What happens in another player? eg. VLC ?

    It appears to be working perfectly

    I have not had time to watch the 1hr+ video since your post but am viewing it now. It had a little audio glitch at the point that it got out of sync but kept playing whereas with QT, it got out of sync. Thank you so much for your quick help. Very happy now.

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