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    WTF do I do with a'*.wtv' file besides play it in Media Center? VLC won't play it. Media Player Classic x64 doesn't play it. So I gather I can't use AVS to DVD and burn it to a DVD.
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    After much Googling, I stumbled across a method for converting .wtv recordings from NTSC, ATSC or QAM channels to .mpg files. I used Graphstudio to build simple filter graphs. I think GraphEdit would have worked too, but didn't try it.

    It seems to be more reliable than using DVRMSToolbox's DVRMStoMPEGGUI or DVBPortal's TSConverter. I had trouble getting either of them to work with some files. Although using filter graphs is reasonably simple to do, success depends on having a good MPEG multiplexer filter capable of working with both SD and HD sources, along with a compatible dump filter or file writer filter. I found ATI MPEG Multiplexer and ATI ATI MPEG File Writer were installed with Catalyst Media Center. I think installing DVRMSToolbox will provide Moonlight M71 Muxer and Moonlight DumpPOS, if nothing suitable is already installed.

    This is what I did:

    1. Opened Graphstudio.
    2. Used File->Render Media File to select a .wtv recording to be converted
    3. Deleted all the filters except the one for the .wtv file, which is the leftmost filter in the graph. (Start with the rightmost filters and work back to the left. Select by clicking an item, then right-click it and choose "Delete Selection" from the pop-up menu.)
    4. Used Graph->Insert->filter to bring up a list of DirectShow filters installed on the PC
    5. Selected an MPEG Multiplexer. (Moonlight M71 Muxer)
    6. Picked a file writer filter or dump filter. (Moonlight DumpPOS)
    7. Chose a location for the output file (by using the "Browse" button) and entered the output file name and .ts for the file extention
    8. Dragged and dropped to connect the DVR Out-1 Pin from the source to the Audio In pin (Input0) on the Moonlight M71 Muxer filter. An additional filter, PBDA DTFilter, was added automatically and 2 more pins appeared on the Muxer filter.
    9. Dragged and dropped to connect the DVR Out-2 Pin from the source filter to the Video In pin (Input1) on the Moonlight M71 Muxer filter. An additional filter, PBDA DTFilter 0005, was added automatically.
    10. Dragged and dropped to connect the M71 Out pin on the multiplexer filter to the Input pin on the output file box.
    11. Started the graph by clicking the green start button (an arrow). (The controls are under the menu bar.) While the conversion is taking place, the square stop control is red.

    I was able to edit the .mpg with MPEG2VCR and the resulting file played nicely, unless the .wtv file contained errors due to poor reception. Demultiplexing and editing with Cuttermaran didn't work out because of audio sync issues.

    I tried Catalyst Media Center's ATI MPEG Multiplexer and ATI MPEG File Writer. They worked well too, although for some reason VLC won't play the audio unless I select audio Track 2.

    [Edit]This is basically the same method described in the thread freebird73717 linked to. I could have come here and saved myself all that Googling.
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