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    Can I replace the optical drive in my LITEON Dvd Recorder to and IDE HDD ?
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    What's the model number?

    Sometimes a optical drive can be replaced with a off-the-shelf one, sometimes they are special built for the DVR. If you don't get any answers here, I'd probably pull the top off the unit and inspect the drive. Easy enough to tell by looking most times.

    If you are also asking about replacing the HDD, that's more complicated. Some DVR HDDs have proprietary firmware/hardware and not all can be replaced with a standard HDD.

    And welcome to our forums.
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  3. Hi mangbok, if the question is "can I change the optical drive with a hard drive in a non-hdd recorder" then the answer would be no. The recorder on boot up will be looking for whatever is supposed to be there. I've actually tried that out once and, of course, it didn't work, the recorder was looking to boot up an optical drive and found something else (a hdd) and it just hung on "hello".
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  4. mangbok

    As CrazyCanuk said ---NO----
    THE units both DVD ony or withh HDD . Either must have a DVD

    A unit is looking for a DVD drive that it recognizes. in both
    It is most selective on the DVD bou seems very liberal on the HDD
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