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  1. Hello !
    i have really really bad problem !
    i done my subs, ready for use..want that everyone will use them and then...i can attach the subs to the movie !!!
    i try mkvmerge but this doesn't work well..

    what i want is that no one can touch the subs after i attach them to the movie !
    i want that no one can separate between the movie and the subs !
    to make the subs built-in in the movie !

    i remind - i have a .ass subs file and a HD movie = .mkv file.

    please help !!!!
    thank you !!
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  2. I know you can burn in .srt subs using VobSub. I'm not sure if it handles .ass subs. You may need to convert to .srt using Subtitle Workshop 4.

    But one tool that will work with .srt subs is Quick AVI Creator.
    You select your input .mkv file, the output, and the encoder, such as x264
    and click Start. After it demuxes it pops up AvsP editor so you can edit the
    .avs script before it processes the video. Before the last line in the script, add
    these 2 lines:


    It's better for both VSfilter.dll and subtitle file to put the complete path to the file
    so AviSynth can find it.

    The rest is all vanilla Quick AVI Creator. I believe on the page for it there's
    a mini guide to use it. You can select either 1 pass or 2 pass x264.

    An alternative is to use tsMuxer to mux it to a BluRay folder structure and load
    it into BD Rebuilder. In Settings menu click Setup and then on the right hand side
    of click boxes click "use avs filter during encode" and a dialog will pop up where you
    add the same 2 lines as in AvsP above. Either way will burn in the subs. You can input
    and output .mkv using BD Rebuilder but I find it more reliable to mux to and from .m2ts
    and use Custom Output size (also in Settings=>Setup options.) See BD Rebuilder thread on
    Doom9 for details:

    edit: btw there is no way around reencoding the video if you want burned in subs. Which tool you prefer to use you'll have to decide according to your own preferences and experience. Both the programs above are solid. They don't usually crash once they've started encoding. If they start on the video they usually go to completion.
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  3. Wow, really thank you for your help !
    but only one thing:
    i must it's be .ass format !
    if i convert them to .srt, all the style\design and the effect that i put on the subs will be lost!

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  4. The only way I could think to save the formatting might be something that converts to a graphics format. But I don't know enough about subtitles to help you with that. I know a little bit just from struggling with them and players that don't support them.

    manono knows much more than I. Maybe he would suggest how to proceed in that case.
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  5. VH Wanderer Ai Haibara's Avatar
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    I know you can hardsub using .ass with AVIDemux (using the .ASS/.SSA Subtitle filter) - I do it all the time to create hardsubbed AVIs for my DVD player. However, AVIDemux doesn't seem to keep all of the effects the way they appear in the original MKV/.ASS when you play it... I'm not sure if you have to have the fonts actually installed on the system for it to use them when rendering the .ass subs, for example.

    Of course, however, since you want to hardsub the subtitles, the MKV video stream has to be re-encoded...
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  6. ok, so how i re-encoded my video ?
    i know that what i'm asking is possible because i saw someone who did this..i download his movie (his movie is .MKV format) and when i use the MKVExtractGUI2 all i see is:
    video, V_MPEG4/ISO/AVC [und]
    audio, V_MPEG4/L3 (2ch, 48000hz)
    there is no subs trak that i can to extract..

    maybe i don't phrased myself well.
    i want to merge the subs and the video.
    that when if someone will try to extract the files he only see the video and the audio.
    i want that no metter when player you will use to see my video you will see the subs always the same! (the same fonts\style\location..)
    i think that all what i say is what Ai Haibara says about the hardsub, but i dont really know the different between hardsub and the other so...

    Help please ! and,
    Thank you for trying to help me !!
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    edit: it looks like TextSub supports .ass subs. But I don't know what will happen afa the formatting. It might be a good idea to slice off a small piece of the .mkv file and process it to see how the output looks.
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  8. VH Wanderer Ai Haibara's Avatar
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    Do any editors that support AVISynth support outputting to MKV? (No, I'm curious. Other than VirtualDubMod, maybe, but that's not really recommended for creating MKVs, anymore (just in case someone else wonders).)

    Jacks: Hardsubbing is essentially making the subtitles a part of the video stream (you'll lose whatever parts of the picture the text overwrites). Softsubs are subtitles you can toggle or disable (an external file, or muxed subtitle stream). Yes, I've probably over-complicated those definitions.

    A sort of 'basic' guide to the process I mentioned using AVIDemux:

    Open the MKV. (Use File > Open... or drag the MKV onto the AVIDemux window).
    You may (probably) get the following message:

    H.264 detected
    If the file is using B-frames as reference it can lead to a crash or stuttering.
    Avidemux can use another mode which is safe but YOU WILL LOSE FRAME
    Do you want to use that mode?
    I usually tell it not to use that mode, but there's still a chance you may wind up with a file where the video and audio is out of sync. I can't guarantee it'll work, either way. (Note, however, that I only use AVIDemux to convert MKVs to AVI for my DVD player, so you may not even encounter this problem.)

    Next, it will probably ask you if you want to update the index.

    Index is not up to date
    You should use Tool-> Rebuild frame. Do it now?
    Choose Yes.

    In the main window, on the left side, click on the drop-down under Format and change it to 'MKV'.
    Under Video, change the drop-down to whatever codec you want the output video to use (probably 'MPEG-4 AVC'). Then, click the Filters button. In the Video Filter Manager window that pops up, click 'Subtitles' in the pane on the left (Available Filters). Double-click on "ASS - Add ASS/SSA subtitles to the picture." Browse to your ASS file/select it, and click OK.
    Once you're back at the Video Filter Manager window, click Close at the bottom right. AVIDemux may appear to 'freeze' for a moment, depending on your system, while it's parsing things.

    Under Audio, leave the drop-down set to 'Copy'.

    Next, go to File > Save > Save Video... (or hit Ctrl+S). Give your output video a name (and location to save). Be sure to give it the extension .mkv, as well, as AVIDemux doesn't automatically add the extension. When you click OK, it'll start encoding.

    Be sure to check the resulting video to make sure everything is how you want it (or at least reasonably how you want it).
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  9. Ai Haibara
    First of all, THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP !!!
    and yes, after i read a little in the internet i understand that what i want is: Hardsubs !

    ok so i tried what you say and everything go good !
    but the problem is that the subs is RTL and now, after i did what you say - the subs are backwards.
    also, some of the special location i make in for my subs in the .ass file are gone.

    i try also to use: MeGUI , everything were good the only problem that i had was that in player like MPC, and WMP i saw green/purple square on the video ! like the video is ruin or somthing..but in BS player i saw everything good !
    when i use MeGUI he ask me to put in my AVS code file this line:
    Maybe this what ruin my video in the MPC and WMP players ?
    if someone can help me with MeGUI its will be the best !!
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  10. When you use Quick AVI Creator, all the AviSynth stuff you need, such as color correction, is already in the script. You just add the 2 lines to burn in the subs directly on top of the last line of the script. It's a "one click" tool so unfortunately, you have to run it to get the editor to look at. Or search on AvsP. That's the editor it uses.
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  11. But my file is MKV, how i can use Quick AVI Creator ?
    here is what i have (my problem):
    here is my AVS script:
    he ask me to add in the end:
    i think this is the problem, no ?

    i have this problem on MPC and WMP...
    on BSPlayer all cool !

    Help please
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  12. Dude, I've suggested twice now using Quick AVI Creator. If you won't even look at it then I guess I'm done with this thread.
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