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  1. Hi guys.. I recently bought a PS3.. and now I am wondering what program(s) should i use if I want to burn a 720p BRRip movies i just downloaded?

    I used ConvertxtoDVD in the past but that's only 480p. Whats a program(s) that I can use so I don't lose any quality on my movie? The movies are in mkv, avi, mp4 etc. Also I prefer not to stream from my computer but make it to a disc DVD-R or DVD DL

    any help would be great thanks
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    You'll need to read up on AVCHD>

    I'm not sure if you are saving your movies in mkv format or not. Use multiavchd to burn a avchd disc or onto removable media compatible with the ps3 - there is a seperate option for that aside from burning discs. And just to clarify these are "backups" of movies you already own right????
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  3. thanks for the tip for multiavchd
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