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  1. I wanna know if its possible to hook the 'hauppauge hd pvr' to my second PC to record my gaming on the first PC (Sick of FRAPs, its slow)?
    I want it setup so i can play games on my main PC at 1920x1080, clone it out to the 'hauppauge hd pvr' and get it to record on my second PC... Ive heard i cant record at 1920x1080, is this true?
    Is it possible to play at 1920x1080 and get the secon PC to record at 1280x720? even though im playing at 1920x1080?

    I just want uninterrupted gameplay on my main PC while recording decent quality on my second PC.

    I really need an answer to this, im sitting here with the money to get one.. but i think its hard to find the answer to this question because alot of ppl use it for their Xbox/PS3... and i want it for my PC because FRAPs is slow.

    Cheers !
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  2. The HD PVR can record standard 720p and 1080i component video signals. It cannot record 1080p. If your gaming PC can output 1080i component video the HD PVR can record it.
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    Jagabo is correct it can do 1080i but not 1080p.

    Just check to see if your video card has a component break out box available and use that. Also make sure your recording pc meets the minimum requirements for the hauppauge hd pvr.

    Edit - also if you want to do digital surround sound you can record via fiber optic to the hd pvr. HOWEVER it can't record DTS. Though I'm not sure how common DTS is in pc games. It can of course record Dolby Digital.
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