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  1. I'm looking to use the x264 command line interface to encode my DVD collection. I've tried handbrake and its fine, but now I want to try something more difficult and something with a new x264 core. I have the first episode of a tv show ripped on my HDD, as a single .vob file. Its around 50min, PAL, 720 x 576. I want to encode this to an .mkv container, similar to Handbrake, at the same resolution/minimal cropping. I have Avisynth, DGMPGDEC, x264.exe (64-bit), and a Phenom 965 @ stock ready to go, I just need instruction. I've looked around for info but it would great if someone could outline the steps, from inputting the .avs file, to muxing the AC-3 track, which is 6-channel, and I would like to leave it untouched.

    Thanks to all for any help.
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    Hello Frost746,

    Why don't use MeGUI, I think it is better than Handbrake, it uses all the tools you have mentioned. Remember to install AVISYNTH first with K-Lite Codec Pack. Also change your defualt Decoder to ffdshow using WIN7DS filter tweaker included in the tool section of the pack. ( Do install .net 2.0 or higher first )

    MeGUI is the most comprehensive H.264 solution ( Also open source and free ). You can use various AVISYNTH filters along with it. It also uses your MMG MKV Muxer ( MKV Toolnix ) ( MKV Rocks, great choice )

    Note that : In Options Settings change Update server to Development from Stable to get latest updates ( Yeah it uses x264 ). You can find the MeGUI Wiki for guidelines for encoding .vob ( DVD ) files.

    Also note that AVISYNTH does not support .vob files, you have to the file indexer in MeUI. It will create a DGA file and demux AC3 audio so you don't have to rencode AC3 file.

    Question : When you say you want to encode to an .mkv file I think you mean you want to encode to .264 and not just .mkv container. For latter you can just use MKV toolnix and mux the files.

    Good Luck.
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  3. The whole point was not using MeGui, what I've done is use DGIndex for a D2V file, then use MPEG2Source in an .avs script to input the file. One issue is that DGIndex reports the source as interlaced, which going through the clip in VirtualDub seems wrong - it looks progressive. I also read that a film can be hybrid or interlaced or progressive or something else, so what should I do? I'll encode without the TDeint filter and see what happens.
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