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  1. Whenever I load my videos that I take on my digital camera into an editing software program (Windows Movie Maker and trakAxPC) the sound of my voice goes from normal to this twangy, annoying sound. At first I thought it was my camera, so I bought a new camera, but the new camera's videos do the same thing. The new camera has HD video recording capacity.

    - The raw video's audio sounds normal in Windows Media Player, Real Player, Quick Time & VLC Media Player.
    - The raw video's audio sounds normal in Windows Movie Maker preview, but not in the editing section or after it's been saved.
    - The raw video's audio does not sound normal in the trakAxPC preview.
    - I have Windows XP.
    - I have two cameras, a Pentax with MOV files and a Pentax with AVI files, videos from both have the same issue now.
    - the videos used to be just fine from the Pentax with MOV files camera. I would put them on my computer, use Advanced X Video Converter to convert (sound quality remained good) then used WMM to edit. Then one day about a year ago, the same converted vids would not load into WMM. WMM said I had to download some codecs, so I did that and got it to work again, but I was never able to get the video or audio quality back with Advanced X Video Converter so I went with a different converter. About this time is when the audio started sounding twangy.
    - I bought a new camera with AVI files so I wouldn't have to convert, but the audio problem in editing software still remains.
    - I just removed ffdshow from my computer today, but that didn't help.
    - I'm assuming this is a codec problem, but I'm not that tech savvy, so I'm not sure.
    - I tried using the newest video clip I have on a different computer (in Windows Movie Maker & trakAxPC, also XP) and the audio turned out twangy in the editing part only (fine in the viewing section).
    - WMM and traxAxPC help sections don't have anything about this other than codec issues...
    - I have used the pic/video software that came with the camera and the audio is also twangy.

    So all my videos sound totally normal if I don't edit them in any way shape or form. And this only applies to videos that I take with my cameras. And if I load my unedited videos to Youtube, they are just fine.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks for any help ~ and let me know if I need to add more info or anything. (^-^)

    Oh and the raw audio specs are:
    1 Channel (mono)
    data rate: 64 kbps
    sample size: 8 bits
    sample rate: 8.000 khz
    format: uncompressed PCM
    BPM: 132.572

    and the video specs are:

    Frame rate: 30 frames/sec
    data rate: 0 kbps
    sample size: 24 bits
    width/height: 1280/720
    format: mjpg
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    data rate: 64 kbps
    sample size: 8 bits
    sample rate: 8.000 khz
    these are really low. see if there's a setting in your cam(s) menu for high quality audio
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  3. Originally Posted by zoobie View Post
    these are really low. see if there's a setting in your cam(s) menu for high quality audio
    Thanks for the suggestion, I contacted Pentax today and they said that the audio settings cannot be changed. I'm disappointed to think they would have a camera with HD video but then have substandard audio.

    Here is the new camera I have:

    It says "The H90 can shoot 720p HD movies and is optimized to work with Eye-Fi wireless SD cards."
    I don't have an eye-fi card nor do I know what that is. Will getting one help?

    Are there any programs that can boost the audio?

    EDIT: I downloaded Pinnacle Studio 14 and the audio is great, so maybe it's the editing software... Pinnacle is a 2GB file on my computer, does anyone know of a good HD editing program that's smaller?
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