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    I've been in the process of converting my home videos to mp4 using StaxRip. I don't want to have the date and time burnt in every clip.

    I do have the date and time in the filename, but I'd really like to store this in the file metadata similar to a photo's EXIF taken date.

    I have been trying to figure out how to do this using mp4box, but I'm stumped. I've done hundreds of searches on the web for this. I know mp4 supports xml data as well, can that be used?

    What is the correct meta data field to use so that Windows 7 and other programs recognizes it as the date of the clip, and how to I store it in the mp4?

    Thanks for any help.
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    With Linux I can use a program called AtomicParsley to set or alter mp4 metadata.
    These are the 'tags' that may be used:-

    I can't see a data field that is used for Date and Time.
    The 'year' tag accepts an integer to represent a year.
    I suppose that you could put the Date and Time in the 'comment' field.

    AtomicParsley is a command-line program.
    Google shows that there are GUIs available for Windows.

    My bad. The 'year' tag will accept a UTC value such as 2010-07-12T23:09:00.
    Maybe this is what you need to use.
    Last edited by bat999; 12th Jul 2010 at 18:15. Reason: Added stuff about UTC.
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    Thanks, yes I've looked at AtomicParsley. It seems to work with metadata, but the "year" field is not enough. I have nearly 100 files taken in each year that I need to set.

    Using MediaInfo I see there is an "Encoded Date" and "Tagged Date" already stored in the file which is includes time. Anyone know how to change those using MP4Box?
    It looks like the "Date Taken" will need to be in the XMP. My understanding is that mp4 supports XMP and MP4Box can write to it, but I can't find any instructions of how. Any help?
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