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  1. My Pioneer DVR-450h hard drive has stopped working. It says i need to take it to a service center however its a non-U.S. model with no warranty for someone in the U.S. I have a harmony 880 pro to program for the service remote now i just need to find where i can download the data disc for free, if it's available for free. someone help please. Also if i have to replace the hard drive, with what HD should i use?
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  2. Send an email to Hkan at He can direct you to the pages at his site that explain how to replace the HDD, and perhaps steer you toward a GGV1321 service disc source. The 450 accepts any SATA-connection HDD up to one terabyte, but not every 450 will recognize the full capacity- some will always format a new HDD to the original 160GB. Be careful when attempting to program your Harmony remote: the Pioneer Service Codes are known to wipe out and otherwise screw up many Harmony models, and the mfr officially does not support loading the Pio service codes.
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