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  1. I have 100s of music videos in MKV/MP4/AVI and other formats and a plethora of codecs.
    The audio level of these videos is not constant and varies from poor-to-blaring. The bit rate also varies from variable-to-256kB.

    All I want is:

    1. Bring audio level to NORMAL without clipping, and
    2. Set bit rate to 192kB [ Please suggest any other bit rate as you think necessary ]

    How do I go about it -- without any adverse effect on the videos?

    Please note I cannot understand technicalities. I can merely click mouse and type text.

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    Xvid4PSP can do the re-encoding without re-encoding the video. Just chose Copy for the video and the same output container. It can also batch process, so you can queue the work up and elt it run over night. However it does not appear to have a normalising filter. I don't know of any easy way to normalise a large number of video sound tracks in different containers.
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    Originally Posted by ConverterCrazy View Post
    Please note I cannot understand technicalities. I can merely click mouse and type text.
    I use ReplayGain myself. But that takes a bit of fiddling.

    One way that might work for you is Avidemux.

    Open the video (it can open most kinds).
    You'll see "video" to the left set to "copy" as default; leave that and so the video should be unchanged.

    Audio : choose your output format (say MP3) and set the rate.
    Then under audio filters, set "Gain mode" to "Automatic".
    Then (back at main screen) choose (file) format as the same as the original (e.g., AVI, MKV).
    Then "File/save video".
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  4. Thank you all for your suggestions.

    Sorry for the late reply.

    I'll try one-by-one and let you know about the results

    Do they include handling of MKV and MP4 Files too?

    Well, I'll find out.

    Thank you all once again.
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  5. Hi DarrellS,

    I followed your link and was able to get the desired results. Thank you for your suggestion.

    However, I tried to use it on a movie file, but the audio was lost after 10 minutes of playing.

    I'm sorry, because of my limited knowledge I found other solutions too intimidating.
    But, again, thank you all for your suggestions.
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