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  1. Hi,

    I am really frustrated with DV capturing on Windows 7 64bit with my Sony PC101-E (approx. 8 years old). On WinXP there was never a problem!

    During capturing with Magix Video Deluxe 16 plus on the preview-screen the film is stuttering sometimes (not every time!) for 2-3 seconds. On the recorded video these scenes are played back faster (fast motion).

    I tried this on a different Windwos 7 64bit PC. The problem is similar, except that instead of fast motion some block artefacts are visible in the scene.

    On a Windows 7 32bit system the problem does not exist.

    I tried also an other Sony camcorder. I had the same problem.

    I contacted Sony, but they told me that the camcorder supports Windows 7 64bit.

    I also tried the legacy firewire driver and others from Windows 7. No success.

    I also tried Windows Movie Maker. I have the same problems. Also with a clean new installation, without Magix.

    I would be really happy, if somebody could help me! Thanks in advance!

    best regards
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    try using winDV. it's the only thing you need to capture DVavi. make sure it's set to run as admin.
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    After trying many "tricks" found over the internet to make my capture work on windows 7 I found a solution that may help others.

    Basically there was a drivers missing called "ksthunk.sys" in the AV/C Tape Recorder/Player device.

    [Attachment 44764 - Click to enlarge]

    If it's your case you can add it by accessing the "Imaging Devices" resgister key (see pictures)

    To add it to the device you have to add in the register

    [Attachment 44765 - Click to enlarge]

    Here is a video explaining how to add the ksthunk.sys
    The only difference in the video is the fix was targeted to the "sounds, video and game controllers" [4D36E96] instead of the "imaging drivers" [6BDD1FC6].

    Good luck!
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