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  1. hi, i hope im posting in the right section and that this is not a dupe post. basically i have a sony dvp-NS708H dvd player and it is an HD 1080p upscale player thats able to play hd divx files. however it fails to play high resolution divx files. i burned a data dvd with some divx avi files and some of them play and some of them do not. can anyone help me as to why it does not play files that it should play? im sorry if this sounds dumb im new to this kind of stuff and any help would be appreciated thanks.
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  2. That's not an HD player. It's an upconverting standard definition player. It plays standard definition video and upscales it for output to the TV. It probably won't play any video file over 720x480 30 fps, or 720x576 25 fps.

    For lower definition files that don't play:!
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