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    PDVD 10 has for a few months claimed to display 2D movies in 3D. What equipment does it take? More importantly does it work? IE does it improve the movie experience? I tried E-Dimensional glasses and software in 2003, it was bad a waste of money and time. Has Powerdvd got something that actually works?
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    Thats a faq link and video on cyberlinks website. Its a 2 minute clip that I am just about to watch.

    Edit - it still says you need a 3d capable display. So this is only good if you already have a 3d tv or 3d monitor - don't know if they have 3d monitors yet.

    So suffice it to say if you don't have a 3d tv yet there is no reason to change your dvd/bd software just yet. But if you do have a 3d display this seems interesting.
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    "Watch 2D DVD movies in HD and 3D" Yeah, and I've got some cheap swampland to sell you...

    Lots of these companies are jumping on the 3D bandwagon, particularly with the enticement of 2D-to-3D, but this suffers from the same difficulties as Mono-to-Stereo, Grayscale-to-Color, or SD-to-HD. YOU CAN'T CREATE SOMETHING OUT OF NOTHING.
    Devices such as this use parlor tricks: Pulfrich effect (converting delayed frames with lateral motion to L+R), Horizon line+Zone mapping, colorcode mapping, etc. all to give you the impression that it's 3D, but at best it's Near- or Psuedo-3D. Don't be taken in and don't put up with this. The sooner people IGNORE this gimmick, the sooner companies will actually put most of their energies towards the hard work of supporting TRUE stereo3D.

    All those transformational miracles can ONLY be done through REDICULOUS amounts of time and effort, with lots of scientific technique thrown in. I've said this before: Turning 2D into 3D (or any of those other analogies) takes about the same amount of effort as creating it in 3D from scratch.

    Some things have improved, but it's still a waste. Now, PowerDVD is still worth getting for the true stereo 3D playback features...

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