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  1. Hi,

    I have recorder some HD files from the satellite but now I'd like to cut commercials.

    What free (if possible) software can I use to do frame accurate cutting whithout reencoding the whole file ????

    I'm looking for similar software that can cut mpeg2 (videoredo, tmpgenc mpeg editor,....)
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    I haven't used it but the latest version of videoredo supports h264 editing.
    Originally Posted by videohelp tools page
    Version 4 supports H264/AVC/MTS/M2TS/AVCHD/MP4 editing.
    It's not free though.

    I don't know of a free editor that can cut frame accurately. Most free ones that cut h264 only cut at I frames. If I'm wrong I hope someone corrects me.
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    I have tried several of the free one's myself and none of them could do frame accurate cutting. Also you could also get freezing or pixelation of the video at the cut/join points and sometimes I would get AV sync problems after cutting out the commercials. Probably the best frame accurate H264 editor currently available is the Pre-Release version of VideoReDo TV Suite, but it's not free.
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    Most simple editors cut at I frames. I frames can be spaced from every 12 frames (DVB broadcast GOP) with half second accuracy to well over 300 frames (>10 sec) for many downloads.

    Editors that cut inside the GOP for frame accuracy tend not to be free. The GOP must be decoded to frames for the cut, then recoded into pseudo GOPS (additional I frames) which may upset some players.
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