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  1. Heres why I ask...

    I have a HUGE audio project (14 hours of music! eek!) that I can burn onto DVD using an app called Audio DVD creator, cool stuff... works well. By changing bit rate, channeles and khz I can get 192khz 2 channel audio files with DVD menus and folders for organizing the 260 songs.... BUT...

    I also want to add some other content, video maybe, pics with audio background. Now Audio DVD Creator can create an image to hard drive to burn later AS WELL AS create the "DVD at once" approach within the software, but its a one trick dog... squeezing tons of songs onto a DVD.

    Can I take the TS files it spits out and edit them in some other application to ADD other content? Or am I stuck?
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    You could author the other part separately, then use DVD Shrink in re-author mode to pull everything together - no menus though. Or you could use another authoring tool like DVD Styler or GUIForDVdAuthor to import the different parts and create a new disc. Just make sure that you take the size of the video assets into account when you author your music sections, or it won't all fit.
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  3. Awesome! thats EXACTLY what I was looking for... I wasnt sure if you could create different project components in totally seperate DVD apps and then pull ALL the TS folders together into one project and burn to a menued DVD.

    Not sure about the DVD shrink route... I definitely need menus. However if DVDstyler can pull together multiple VIDEO TS folders together into one and then allow me to create menus to access each of those componenets seperately, THATS the route I'm going! Thanks! I know I'm over simplifying here, but I wasnt sure If the VIDEO TS folder was a 'self contained/no add/no revise' type of object. THANK YOU!
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  4. Miskatonic U, huh? So level with me, do you guys really have Cthullhu chained in the basement and then you just bring him out for football games for mascot work? I'd think tenticles wouldnt be too conducive to cheer routines.
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