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  1. Hey guys i ve been trying to encode using MEDIACODERx64 and was geeting an Error:14
    >>which means

    Description: A video encoder error is encountered
    Possible causes:
    • Video encoder cannot be started as expected
    • Video encoder is absent

    I ve installed K-Lite x64 codec pack
    and also some windows codecs by shark.

    but still i am getting this error wat shld i do! plz let me know
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    hehe if i had a buck for every person who has posted here with a problem after installing a "codec pack" they are NOT recommended and tend to mess up systems. some folks will defend them but this is my opinion - they suck. once the codec conflicts start the only easy way to fix it is to re-format and re-install windows. good luck.
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  3. ^
    i ve formatted my system and installed my windows freshly again , installed my codecs and tried using it but still the same error

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  4. So, you get this error by merely starting the program?

    Or is it when doing some SPECIFIC operation, using SPECIFIC settings?

    Such as attempting to do a two-pass encode using CUDA? IF this is the case, and IF you had supplied the information, THEN an answer would be immediately available. But, since you didn't.............
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  5. i am getting the error when i am clickin on START TRANSCODING (which starts the encodin process)
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  6. The settings you are using may contain USEFUL INFORMATION which may provide the answer to your problem.

    With the EXTREMELY LIMITED information you have given, it will be nearly impossible to solve your problem.

    Is there something in this you are not getting? This is your second post, at least, of a similar nature.


    If you will not put in the time or effort to adequately describe your particular issue, why would you expect someone else to take the time or effort to assist you?

    I do want to thank you profusely for explaining that the START TRANSCODING button starts the encoding process, however that is, in fact, technically incorrect as ENcoding and TRANScoding are two similar, bur different, processes.

    Even if you were correct, this information has no value in attempting to resolve your problem.

    Have you by any chance read the Dynamically Updated Master Breakdown for Access to Superb Statements, otherwise known as the FAQ?
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    I am one of the many people trying to use Mediacoder who constantly get the error 14 message. Let me see if I can give you a bit more information as to what seems to be happening. I'm using a 64 bit version of Windows 7 and the 64 bit version of Mediacoder, a quadcore 2.8 Ghz AMD CPU and 4 GB RAM. What I am trying to do is convert an .mp4 or .flv file to MPEG-2, container MPEG-2, so that I can burn the file to DVD. I usually use the Mediacoder wizard to set the properties for the output file. Once that is done and I've rechecked the settings , I hit the "Start" switch to start the encoding process. After about forty seconds, the encoding stops and I get a message that there were one or more errors in the encoding process. Error 14 is cited and two possible causes are mentioned: The encoder could not start as normally expected or the encoder is not present. No other information is given. (The chosen encoder is ffmpeg and it is listed as one of the encoders present in Mediacoder.) I've used two different files in the conversion attempt, one .flv, the other .mp4. I have looked at both files using Mediainfo and nothing seems amiss there. Both files play normally in VLC Media Player. I have made several attempts to convert these files and the results are always the same with Mediacoder. I was later able to convert the .flv file to MPEG-2 using AVStoDVD and to then burn it to DVD. The process produced a perfectly playable DVD with very high video quality. Hopefully, this gives you enough information to enable you to have some idea as to what's happening with the encoder. Either today or tomorrow I intend to install an older version of Mediacoder and see if I encounter the same problem. I believe I am currently using the latest release of Mediacoder,[/SIZE]
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