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    Been having a problem with a few video transfers and I'm at my wit's end.

    I have some old hockey games I'm trying to transfer from older VHS tapes (1980s) to DVD. I have a JVC Super VHS VCR that I've never had any problems with, and an Emerson DVD recorder that I've also never had any significant problems with.

    The VHS source tapes are great. I'm using good quality DVDs (TDK's, had Memorex previously as well with same result on both)

    My output DVDs on playback seem to skip a frame during fast-moving sections of the video. This problem isn't present on the source tapes. It's driving me nuts.

    I've tried this with the transfer hooked up through both RCA cables and with SVHS cable with same result. Tried new cables in both cases. Tried different brands of DVDs. Tried different source tapes. Same result. Even tried various record luck.

    I've done everything but switch out the VCR (doable, but this is the best one I've got) or switch out the DVD recorder (which would require buying a new one).

    Anyone run into this kind of thing before? Any advice would be appreciated...these are one of a kind tapes from a defunct local league that I'd love to preserve in the best quality possible.
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    First reaction....... it sounds like your DVD recorder is not recording at a high enough quality.

    What recording setting are you using on the DVD recorder?

    My Dell PC system info.....3.4 Ghz Quad Core i7 processor....... 12 gigs of ram DDR3...... Windows 7 ultimate 64 card Nvidia GTX 650
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