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  1. Greetings all,

    I'm in a process of convert my chinese vcd to dvd, hence making 2 disc into one.
    Because I hate changing disc while watching the movie, and DVD can hold up to 3-4 movies at once.

    Now I manage to extract the VCD movie which I learned from
    Then split the video and audio from the file.

    I know how to author the both files into the dvd.
    I'm able to take the audio file (movie file MPEG2) and use goldwave to make it play the left channel into both channels (Cantonese/mandarin thing).

    My problem is:
    I cannot save it back into the original Movie file format, it either becomes mp3, wav, etc.
    So basically my original 136mb file becomes 36mb...

    Any ideas? What should I use other than goldwave?
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    Audacity (1.3.x) can write AC3, suitable for DVD, with ffmpeg filters installed.
    Make sure sampling rate is 48000Hz.
    Also no need to duplicate a track, just click next to the name of the track, select "Split stereo to mono" and delete the track you don't want, then save as AC3 mono.

    A DVD can have several alternate soundtracks, so you could save them as two mono tracks if you want and be able to switch when playing.

    You can author the MPEG1 video and AC3 to DVD using GfD, some other apps may insist on reencoding the video to MPEG2, reducing quality.
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