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    How can we get best audio video quality of youtube poor quality and not hq flv videos during watching or after downloading.
    Is any converter s/w that can improve flv audio video quality when these videos convert flv to dvd.
    What is the fast flv to dvd coverter,
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  2. Originally Posted by nusratjaveid View Post
    Is any converter s/w that can improve flv audio video quality when these videos convert flv to dvd.
    Not really.
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  3. i would rather go with jagabo opinion "Not Really".
    considering you a video clips collector, i am replying you in details.

    Collecting Quality Video Clips (or Making Quality Video Clips for self), and watching videos over internet are two different thing that never get along with each other. FLV is Flash Video Container mainly used to broadcast videos over internet. FLV mainly aimed to lower the bandwidth consumption over multiple views or downloads over internet. Most of the time FLV container contains stereo (2 channel audio) @ 44.1 Hz , while video bit-rate ranges from 400+ (common) to 1200 (rare) kbps.
    FLV Format Specification : (PDF link at bottom.)

    An average original DVD contains video :8000+ kbps and Audio : 48 KHz 448 Kbps 5.1 Dolby Surround Sound. Ripping this videos from DVD reduces quality at every single format conversion. It is always recommended to DownMix, but UpMix is hardly possible like joining pieces of broken glass into one.

    Most of the time higher quality of video sources are available on internet for free, look for the source that has your desired quality, and make and collect the Quality Video Clips by yourself with your own taste of quality. Most of the time Free Tools, but powerful, here, on Video Help, will definitely serve your purpose with plenty guides or help from the other members.
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    I agree you can't really improve on net video that isn't of good quality to begin with. You can make tweaks but it won't really enhance it.

    I would just chalk it up to what it is - low quality and live with it.

    There is nothing bad about making flv into a dvd. I've done it quite frequently with decent results. However it is all dependent on the source. If the source isn't red hot the dvd won't look red hot. But I'm ok with that.

    If these are rare out of print clips you're collecting than just live with sub par quality.
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