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  1. I've started having problems with subtitles in DVDLab Pro. All subtitles in the subtitle file are fine, with proper time codes, and so on. However, after I generate the DVD files, some subtitles overlap. That is, the same subtitle is shown twice, or even three times instead of the one following it. For example, I have a subtitle at, let's say, 00:01:01:000 "Let's go". Then, instead of the next one, 01:04:001 "Ok, then", "Let's go" comes up again. Also, I tried to see whether the problem was with Direct VobSub, and tried to run Direct VobSub Configure. It won't run, and I get the error message "there was a problem in initializing Module not found" (or something like it, my Windows in in Portuguese). I tried to reinstall both VobSub and VSFilter and the same error message keeps coming up. I never had this problem before. I'm running DVDLab Pro 2.5 on Windows 7 Home Basic on a 64-bit computer. Subtitles are generated from .srt or .ass files (the same problem happens with any of them.
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    Hi there.

    Basic question:

    what version of DVD-lab Pro you're using?

    Also: SFAIK, DirectVobSub means "Vsfilter.dll" (maybe my knowledge is outdated),
    which doesn't support "DVD subtitles" ( = .SUP streams). However ffdshow does support
    .SUP streams (even though "b0rkedly"). Anyway, and most importantly,

    does your hardware DVD-player display the subtitles correctly ???
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  3. I'm using DVDLab Pro 2.5. I also have ffdshow installed from the CCCP pack. Also, the problem happens when I play the files on my computer or on my dvd player. I can test them on another dvd an see if the same problem keeps happening. Hadn't thought of that. Thanks.
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  4. Ps.: noted down all subs that showed problems in one of the movies in the dvd (it's an anime) and played it on my pc. It's not a random error of the player, because exactly all subs showed the same problem on both the pc and the player.
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