Hi guys

I've used DVD Flick for a while now(win XP),but only recently on windows 7 although without problems at first,i'm getting a problem(for the last week) where it says burning is complete yet out of the 2 movies the 1st one will only past for 30 minutes or so then stop or loop back to the start again,same when i try to put say 6 or 7 short 30 minute series onto one dvd it will take the normal two or so hours to convert and burn yet will only play a few minutes of the 1st one when i try the disc..
When i just burn one movie at a time its also the same just 1/2 the film,i always watch/check the movie 1st to make sure it plays fully on the pc before converting/burning..
I'm using the newest version and have tried 3 or 4 older versions,still no joy .
99 % of the files are avi i'm putting into DVD Flick and have never had problems before..
Anyone shed any light on the problem ?

blessed be