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  1. I'm currently using MeGUI, with NeroAAC 1.51, Avisynth 2.5.8

    I've a problem with encoding from all AAC audio format to any other format,

    for example, I'm going to re-encode an 24min AAC audio file to AAC, the file encoded without any errors,
    the encoded AAC file is playable but has no sound at all, the time length remained same (24:00),

    so, I changes different setting to see if it makes differences, I tried disable "Normalize Peaks to" in Encoder settings,

    finally the encoded AAC file has sound, but it's like "tape fast-forwarding sound" until it ends, before the actual time length

    I tried both FAAC and NeroAAC and other audio encoders, both have the same problem, as long as the audio input file is AAC,

    Audio Encoding Tests:
    From AAC to Other audio formats - (result: fast forward sound issue)
    From AAC to AAC - (result: fast forward sound issue)
    From Other audio formats (except AAC) to AAC and Other audio formats (No problem, all good)

    Has anyone encountered this problem?

    Here's an example encoded AAC audio file,
    Time length: 1:30

    My PC:
    Intel i7 920
    Asus p6T Deluxe v2
    6GB DDR3 1600 HyperX
    ATI 5870
    Windows 7 Ultimate x64 OEM
    Avisynth 2.5.8
    MeGui (tried, same problem)
    NeroAAC 1.5.1
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  2. can you post your log file ?

    what about other source formats (e.g. wav, mp3 etc...) do they have issues as well?

    is there something peculiar about that specific source file or the type of AAC used? Can you post the mediainfo text view (view=>text and copy & paste)

    are you decoding through directshow, and if so, what decoder are you using? (you can render the source file in graphstudio to see what directshow audio decoder is being used)

    what happens if you use another source filter, e.g bassaudiosource() ?
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  3. Here's the source file mediainfo for the example AAC audio I provided above,

    ID : 2
    Format : AAC
    Format/Info : Advanced Audio Codec
    Format version : Version 4
    Format profile : LC
    Format settings, SBR : No
    Codec ID : A_AAC
    Duration : 1mn 29s
    Channel(s) : 2 channels
    Channel positions : Front: L R
    Sampling rate : 48.0 KHz
    Language : Japanese

    It actually is the AAC audio track in a mkv video, I took it out from mkv. I tried other AAC audio from other videos, same problem, nothing peculiar.

    sry for my bad english, hope you can understand what I'm trying to explain

    As long the source audio track that I'm trying to encode from is AAC, then encode it to any other format (mp3,wav,etc) the results are the same.

    If the source audio track isn't AAC, I've no problem to encode it to AAC and other audio format.

    Here's my log file,

    [Information] Log
    -[Information] Versions
    --[NoImage] MeGUI Version :
    --[NoImage] OS : Windows Seven Ultimate Edition x64 (
    --[NoImage] Latest .Net Framework installed : 3.5 SP1 (3.5.30729.4926)
    --[NoImage] Avisynth Version :
    -[Information] Log for job1 (audio, [Chihiro]_K-On!!_-_ED_[1440x1080_H.264_AAC][25FF6F0C].mkv -> [Chihiro]_K-On!!_-_ED_[1440x1080_H.264_AAC][25FF6F0C].mp4)
    --[Information] [6/13/2010 10:14:34 PM] Started handling job
    --[Information] [6/13/2010 10:14:34 PM] Preprocessing
    --[NoImage] Avisynth script
    ---[NoImage] DirectShowSource("C:\Downloads\Completed\[Chihiro]_K-On!!_[1440x1080_H.264_AAC]\[Chihiro]_K-On!!_-_ED_[1440x1080_H.264_AAC][25FF6F0C].mkv", video=false)
    ---[NoImage] EnsureVBRMP3Sync()
    ---[NoImage] return last
    --[NoImage] Commandline used: -ignorelength -lc -br 128000 -if - -of "{0}"
    --[Information] [6/13/2010 10:14:34 PM] Encoding started
    --[Information] [6/13/2010 10:14:34 PM] Encode thread started
    --[Information] [6/13/2010 10:14:34 PM] Avisynth script environment opened
    --[Information] [6/13/2010 10:14:34 PM] Script loaded
    --[Information] Output Decoder
    ---[NoImage] Channels: 6
    ---[NoImage] Bits per sample: 32
    ---[NoImage] Sample rate: 48000
    --[NoImage] Commandline: C:\Program Files (x86)\MeGUI\neroAacEnc.exe -ignorelength -lc -br 128000 -if - -of "C:\Downloads\Completed\[Chihiro]_K-On!!_[1440x1080_H.264_AAC]\[Chihiro]_K-On!!_-_ED_[1440x1080_H.264_AAC][25FF6F0C].mp4"
    --[Information] [6/13/2010 10:14:34 PM] Encoder process started
    --[NoImage] Output from encoder via stderr
    ---[NoImage] ************************************************** ***********
    ---[NoImage] * *
    ---[NoImage] * Nero AAC Encoder *
    ---[NoImage] * Copyright 2009 Nero AG *
    ---[NoImage] * All Rights Reserved Worldwide *
    ---[NoImage] * *
    ---[NoImage] * Package build date: Feb 18 2010 *
    ---[NoImage] * Package version: *
    ---[NoImage] * *
    ---[NoImage] * See -help for a complete list of available parameters. *
    ---[NoImage] * *
    ---[NoImage] ************************************************** ***********
    --[Information] [6/13/2010 10:14:38 PM] Postprocessing
    ---[Information] Deleting intermediate files
    --[Information] [6/13/2010 10:14:38 PM] Job completed
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  4. can you post the audio source? you can upload it directly here if <30MB

    does the extracted raw AAC audio play fine?

    what happens if you leave it in the .mkv container instead of extracting to feed into megui?

    It might be your directshow decoder, if you input the audio directly in. Using Win7 , you need win7dsfiltertweaker to override the MS defaults. You could use ffdshow for AAC decoding , for example
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  5. there you are
    Image Attached Files
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  6. omg, /facepalm

    for some reason, that problem only happens if I select the mkv/mp4 video file as the audio input,

    I tried select the aac file I extracted from mkv as audio input, it encodes fine -.-""

    I guess, I can only do it this way to encode from aac files

    for mkv, I can extract the aac track out of it,

    but how if I'm going to encode from mp4 file with AAC audio? can I take out the audiotrack from mp4 like mkv?
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  7. I don't know, it's working fine for me (I can do either, in container, or separate)

    You might be having directshow filter issues
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  8. I see,

    is there any way I can demux the aac audio track from a MP4 file?

    only if I can do this
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  9. Originally Posted by squall0833 View Post
    I see,

    is there any way I can demux the aac audio track from a MP4 file?

    only if I can do this

    yamb (mp4box)
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  10. thanks, very useful
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