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  1. I knw this is probable lame but is there a way to convert RF video input to HDMI/DVI output?
    I have a RF cable output that has to be connected to a HDMI/DVI input monitor Acer h235h. I am trying to find if there is a way to convert the RF signal to HDMI/DVI without the use of a TV tuner.
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    Without some kind of tuner, no.
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  3. Can you suggest a low cost external USB TV tuner with HDMI output ? I have an analog cable signal that has to be transmitted on to a HD monitor [HDMI/DVI input]. Also, will the signal be any better if I transmit it via HDMI cable or will it be the same as the source?
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  4. You don't need HDMI at all if your source is analog cable; HDMI is for high definition video and your cable only gives you standard definition. Your monitor has HDMI, DVI and VGA ports, didn't you get the VGA cable to go with it? That's all you need to hook-up the tv tuner, using the other connectors won't give a better picture. If you don't have it, here's one. If you really must use DVI, then check this one, but at that price it's not going to make things any better. Alternately, you could use a gender changer on the tuner and plug this converter to your DVI cable.
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