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  1. I am using besweet to convert wav to wav (pal to ntsc and vice versa as a test) - but "wav to wav" does not appear in besweets default menu, as shown here -

    Instead of WAV to WAV on the right hand side (above image), my version (the same one) shows VOB to WAV - and where it says "PCM Big Endian" my Besweet shows "Azid" instead. Any ideas on how to correct this? I have all the plugins from the Besweet site. What else may I need? thanks for any help
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    Not sure about Besweet, but since it's wav > wav, you could probably use an audio editor such as Audacity
    to do this.
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  3. If your input is WAV, then it can't show VOB to WAV. Didn't you extract the WAV file to the hard drive, or convert AC3 to WAV or whatever? It's only going to show WAV to WAV if your input is a WAV file.
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