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  1. I have been having pretty good sucess copying blu-ray movies with anydvd, bd-rebuilder and imgburn up until now. I have been able to copy only one out of the last 6 movies and that one was Rocky. I select the "movie only" version. Everything goes according to plan from the ripping, rebuilding and burning stages without any errors. But, when the burning is done and I play the bd-re disc (25) in my player all I get is "cannot read disc, please check disc." I have the lasted versions of anydvd, bd-rb and imgburn. How can I check if the movie was ripped in the first place to my hard drive or if imgburn isn't burning it. All the blu-ray discs that I used where brand new Verbatim brand. Some of the movies where new releases and some were older movies converted to Blu-ray. I have no problem copying dvd movies with dvd shrink. Thank you for any reply.
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    Does your old burned bdrs that worked before still work fine?
    Does the bdr work on your computer with a software bluray player?
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  3. I haven't tried re-copying the bd-re disc that worked before. I was afraid of losing the movie. I was also successful burning on 8 out of 10 verbatim bd-r discs. The 2 that didn't burn also gave me the same error "can't read disc, check disc." I have been very successful with dvd movies using dvdshrink, No errors so far. Thank you very much for your reply. I just tried playing 2 movies on my computer that I was able to copy before (1 on a bd-r and 1 on a bd-re) using windows media player and it told me that the discs were empty. They play on my blu-ray player though.
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