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  1. since the advice here is always quite good and relevant I thought I'd pick some brains.

    I've had a Tivo series 2 for years now and I like it ok. But, with my Dish DVD I hardly ever record with it and just use it to watch movies that are on my a pc I have dedicated just for video and music editing and storage. Making a MCPC and moving it to the livingroom isn't really appealing to me. ( I should state that the Tivo is hooked not hooked up to the my main tv with the dish dvr, but on a non dvr dish receiver ).

    Basically, what I'd like to do is have a network player (?) that I could hook up to my wired network and watch movies that are stored on my pc. Formats include but are not limited to avi, divx, vob, mp4, mpg (1/2) there might be a few wierd ones like flv etc but I can live without those. Music and photos would be a bonus. I've been looking but there are so many choices and it's hard to keep straight what unit does what.

    With the tivo I run pytivo on my pc and it simply transcodes everything to mpeg for the tivo and transfers it. You can watch as it's transfering and timeshift. I'm not sure what network players are capable of. I've a usb hdd that I can attach if I need storage. I don't mind running software on my pc for hosting or transcoding but it looks like some of these players seem to state that they can simply play certain file types without transcoding?

    I just want to watch my movies, ff, rev, pause etc. Of course the unit must have a remote and S-video is good, no hmdi or whatever I'm oldschool on the tv, and audio (RCA) out, even RCA output (what's that component or composit?) on the video is fine by me.

    I'll probably post another question about a tvtuner card to capture shows from my dish service. Yeah, more $$ to spend but if I can get an all in one for the right price I'd be happy to forgo the card. I've remember reading somewhere that some network players can record but you have to run the scheduling and recording software on your pc which is cool with me.

    Being able to record shows would be nice but not at all needed nor probably available for the price. I'd like to spend no more than $100 but for something that records $150 or thereabouts would be ok. I'm cheap and wanting to stop my tivo service to save money, but I have to replace it since the network capability stops with the paid service.

    Thanks In advance.
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  2. Hello Danneauxs, I'm running a Series 2 TIVO and DESKTOP PLUS from TIVO and I find that it will bring to it any mpeg file that I have that is in the My TIVO Recordings folder. I often convert DVR-MS files from my Media Center Software to MPEG and then watch it on my TIVO. You have to remember that it takes awhile for the file do transfer from your PC back to the TIVO but it does work.
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