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  1. Error Message:
    DVDStyler v1.8.1
    Windows Vista (build 6001, Service Pack 1)
    FFmpeg: libavformat 52.61.0, libavcodec 52.66.0, libavutil 50.14.0
    Cleaning temporary directory
    Search for transcoded files in cache
    Generating menus
    Generating menu 1 of 1
    Create menu mpeg
    Multiplexing subtitles (buttons) into mpeg
    Executing command: spumux -s 0 "C:\MIKETEMPOMG\dvd-tmp\menu1-0.mpg_spumux.xml"
    DVDAuthor::spumux, version 0.6.14.
    Build options: gnugetopt iconv freetype
    Send bugs to <>
    WARN: Only one argument expected
    syntax: spumux [options] script.sub < in.mpg > out.mpg
        -m <mode>   dvd, cvd, or svcd (only the first letter is checked).
            Default is DVD.
        -s <stream> number of the substream to insert (default 0)
        -v <level>  verbosity level (default 0) 
        -P          enable progress indicator
        See manpage for config file format.
    My project has one title with two buttons and a single clip (just under 25 minutes). I'm not sure why it is having issues now, with the exact same settings it worked with the initial copy. Thanks for any help.
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  2. with the exact same settings it worked with the initial copy
    Do you have the log from this run (when it worked)?
    For me this looks like a 'half' command line:
    spumux -s 0 "C:\MIKETEMPOMG\dvd-tmp\menu1-0.mpg_spumux.xml"

    The syntax should look like:
    spumux -s 0 "C:\MIKETEMPOMG\dvd-tmp\menu1-0.mpg_spumux.xml" <
    "C:\MIKETEMPOMG\dvd-tmp\menu1-0.mpg" >
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