I've been searching for days trying to find info on how to do this with not much luck. I did find this,"101 things you never knew you could do with Matroska". Which mentioned (among other sites) multiple angles but, not how to do it. Though I did learn how to link videos and learned how to get a massive headache.

OK, this is what I have... 3video 3audio and 3sub files in a mkv file. All encoded the same (h264, ac3 pass-through, Vobsub) and same time length.
When played, the first video and audio play as they suppose to (default). When I change from video 1(angle1) to video 2(angle2) I have to then (manually) change the audio to audio 2 and so on for video 3(angle3).
Can someone tell me how I can have it automatically change to the audio for the video that is playing? I don't care about the subs. Though, I'm sure I can associate them. Once I find out how to associate the audio with video playing.

Thanks in advance for any help.