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    I was hoping to use a second computer to capture my main gaming PC so i could use that one to stream to livestream services, because FME takes too much CPU power for me to play some PC games properly *and* stream it.

    I was hoping to do this by cloning my main computer's monitor and sending one of the clones to my other computer which would have the intensity pro in it.

    However, that would require an upgrade of my second PC so before doing that I've been trying to at least see if I can even capture the pc screen with the BMI but as of yet I've not been able to do it. I have a HD5870 and I've cloned my monitor over an HDMI cable and rerouted that into the same BMI which so far is in the same computer.

    Performance isn't the issue here, i just want to know whether it works.

    Does anyone have experience with using the Intensity pro this way?
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  2. I haven't done it with the Intensity Pro or HDMI, but I have done it with a Hauppauge PVR-250 and s-video output from a computer. The PVR-250 is a standard definition capture device with a hardware MPEG 2 encoder. So capturing while playing a game or movie wasn't a problem at all. You should at least be able to record something with the Intensity Pro doing this.
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  3. I to would like to know how to do this. Appel if u find out let me know
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