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  1. Hey. I have FFMpeg SVN 22140 on Windows, but I can not get the Video presets to work for libx264. So for example. I tried -vpre Placebo - Did now work.
    -fpre Placebo - Did now work.
    -vpre fast and max - Did not work.

    Is there anyone that I can add the presets to FFMpeg, or am I just doing this wrong? What is the difference between fpre and vpre? How do I set the profile to be Level High 4.1? I am pretty sure for the 4.1 part, you would use -bufsize 240000, but I don't know about for the High part.

    I been looking for a long time and I mean a long time, and I have now just actually took the time and signed up on a good forum, hoping someone can help me.

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  2. Here is my code. My goal is to have be at the bitrate of 3773KB at High 4.1. My ultimate goal is to use the preset Placebo.

    ffmpeg -i "InputFile" -vcodec libx264 -b 3773K -minrate 3000K -maxrate 4000K -bufsize 240000 -an -sn "OutPut"
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  3. I sorta have fixed my problem. I have now downloaded the latest version of ffmpeg, it came with all the presets and everything, but I just can't get them working now. It might have to do with my directory set up, well here is my directory set up.

    %SystemDrive%\FFMpeg\ has the following - bin - doc - licenses - share
    You should all know where the rest of the files are. Can anyone help me out?
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  4. Okay, I can't even get libx264 to work. libxvid will work.
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  5. Originally Posted by poisondeathray View Post

    It says that I need to download the source, where is the source? I usually ant this stupid. I have the share\ffmpeg presets in already. ffmpeg just does not know to look there. On that guild it says,
    Preset files are available from the FFmpeg source code in the ffpresets subdirectory. Using the 0.5 release or current svn trunk of FFmpeg, running make install will install the preset files to ${prefix}/share/ffmpeg and just specifying -vcodec libx264 -vpre <preset> is sufficient for ffmpeg to find the preset.
    Otherwise, you can either copy *.ffpreset from the FFmpeg source into ~/.ffmpeg/ or you can point to a preset file directly in the argument of -fpre in your command line.

    But what does it mean by running make install?

    I am already going to thank you, I got it to work by using -fpre, but I don't want to have to type in the whole big path. Where do I copy the presets to? Am I suppose to rename them? The currents names all start with libx264-* . Should I delete the first part?
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  6. Is it possible to get the libfaac up and running? Or at least do something so I can encode to aac? Also, how do you get the video profiles to work? I tried -profile high and it did not work. And yes I used the -profile after -vcodec and before -acodec. Is there something else that I have to download?
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  7. Sorry I'm not sure. I use x264 CLI for encoding using x264. It's much more straight forward IMO. There are even dozens of GUIs available

    I think AAC has been removed from most ffmpeg binaries, because of licensing /distribution issues. Older builds might still have them, or you have to build it yourself

    You could try asking at Doom9 forums, most of the developers can be found there
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  8. I basically want to make a gui for one of these with hta and batch. I would make one for x264 but that does not encode audio. What is a cli that supports a lot of codecs and formats and that will encode to aac-lc?
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  9. Maybe mencoder? But it might have the same issue with AAC recently, as ffmpeg

    You can go through this thread, it gives examples of using x264 CLI batch scripts, aac encoding using neroaac, and mp4box multiplexing. e.g. you might convert a directory of video files
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