I keep several backup copies of my material and files. For my DVDs, one set of copies is kept in a CaseLogic wallet folder pack, so that I can easily move this around when visiting friends, family or for business. This is highly convenient. The other sets are kept in their jewel cases in hard plastic see thru storage boxes.

Although CaseLogic wallet material is designed to be abrasion free, their caveat is that external dust will be the cause of any blemishes. If hard dust gets in these pockets, which is inevitable, this will occasionally cause light hair like scratches on the disc surface as the discs are removed and returned for access to their contents. This is of no consequence as the laser and error correction can more than cope with this.

I'm aware that the blu-ray spec requires anti-scratch in disc surfaces but was wondering that, given the smaller pits, would dust and light scratches from wallet storage cause more problems with blu-rays than they would with DVDs? I'm using Blu-ray BD-R and BD-R DL write once media.