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  1. I have a spare computer that I would like to copy dvd movies to and have the ability to connect the computer to a tv to watch them. I have copied dvd's to my computer before using dvd fab. Is there a program that would work better? After I copy them to the hard drive what is the best format to have them in to watch them and what prgram would I use to watch them? I don't want to lose any quality in the movie if that is possible.

    Is there software where can I organize them and have the ability chose from a list or menu to choose which one I would like to watch? Your help is appreciated. Thanks.
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  2. Well, if you don't want to lose any quality then your only choice is to watch them as DVDs, without reencoding. To play them you use PowerDVD or some other software DVD player. DVDFab HD Decrypter is the right program to use for decrypting.

    Someone else can help with the organizing question.
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  3. Is there a program other than PowerDVD that is free?
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