I often join incomplete FLV downloads into one file. I use Andy's FLV Joiner, and it works but it always says that it couldn't find the duration metatag, and recommends using FLV Metadata Injector to fix.

These joined FLVs always have the same problem -- upon playback, fast forward always gets stuck at the join points, and you have to remove your finger from the arrow key and press again, then fast forward starts on the next portion and gets stuck again at the next join point.

It's worse in reverse. Rewind always gets stuck at the join points, but you can't remove your finger from the reverse key, then press again, and get to the previous portion of the video. You are stuck at the beginning of the portion you are in, and cannot go to the previous portion.

Furthermore, FLV Metadata Injector does not fix this problem. I don't know what the program does, but it never fixes the problem.

Is there a way to join FLV videos and not have this problem? What if you just edit the frames at the join points out of the video with an editing program? Would that work?

Or use a different program to join the parts?

Any suggestions very appreciated.