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  1. the ps3 is connected with cat5 so as to be able to transport the data but it gives the error: data corrupted error

    ive heard u are not able to run ps3 media server with ffdshow which i think is the reason it wont play; is there a way i am able to run ffdshow with ps3 media server... ? or some way i can play my blurays from my pc to my ps3?
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    The README page in PS3MS tells you how to set up FFDShow and/or CoreAVC with avisynth. You haven't given any real detail about your source other than 'bluray', so it is difficult to give any more specific advice. If you haven't already, you should also check out the PS3MS support forums.
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  3. what readme page? where is this? i had a look under guides and on the ps3 media server page i dont know where this is...
    little help...

    the source is a digital copy of a bluray, using anydvdhd to copy a bluray to my pc, after remuxing out the other languages im wanting to playback the bluray on my tv via ps3 media server. it is linked with cat5 so data transfer is fine. just need to know how to set it up so it can play.

    im checking the ps3ms forums now, see if i can find this 'readme' page u talking about.. otherwise post a link for me so i can check it
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    Originally Posted by guns1inger View Post
    The README page in PS3MS tells you how to set up FFDShow and/or CoreAVC with avisynth.
    Originally Posted by krohm View Post
    what readme page? where is this?
    I have never had this program, but just by looking at the photo of it i saw this,
    A big TAB that say's "README"

    Click image for larger version

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  5. i had everything installed but avisynth, once i installed that and changed the preference to avysynth/mencoder in transcoding settings of ps3 media server it is now streaming them perfectly.
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