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    hey guys,

    im surching for a peace of software that can do the following:

    i have a movie file that has not been edited.

    in the movie there is a man.

    in that same movie i want to edit this mans head and make it bigger.

    so he has a normal body but a real big head.

    so only edit his head and not edit / slice or crop or make te movie bigger by it self.

    keep in mind that this is for a movie and not a picture.

    any idea's how to do this or wich software can do this?

    i hope you guys know what i mean!

    thanks guys
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    Adobe After Effects will do this for you (or any other compositor)

    The learning curve for software like this is very steep though, and the software itself is expensive, although you could use the trial if its just one project you want to do.
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