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  1. Hi people, I am new to video editing/restoring. I got a video clip in xvid/ac3 format. I wanted to increase the volume of this video. I got virtualdub 1.9.9 to start with and it got that volume adjustment. Also, I got ac3acm, but got problem installing it to my lappy running win 7 utlimate. Anyway, I like to just increase the volume of the video only and maintaining the xvid video format and ac3 audio. Please give my some advice on this. Thank you.
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    AC3 has a wide dynamic range, so the difference between the loudest noise and softest noise is much greater than older formats. This can make things seem quieter than they really are.

    For mp3 the solution would be simple. MP3Gain can do this without re-encoding.

    Step one will be to demux the AC3 stream from the AVI file.

    If you have the latest versions of Sound Forge Pro or Vegas Pro, or perhaps the latest beta version of Audacity (with suitable ffmpeg libraries), you may be able to load the AC3 stream as-is, adjust it (probably dynamic range compression and then volume increase), then save a new AC3 stream.

    If not, you will have to demux the stream to 6 mono wavs (assuming it is a 5.1 AC3 stream), adjust each stream, then recombine them.

    Once you have a new stream, you can mux this back into the AVI file to replace the original stream.
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  3. thanks for your reply. i try to keep it at original format but like you said, if needed, i will change it to mp3 format and follow your steps. cheers!
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