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  1. Hello everyone,
    I have some videos that are not in their proper aspect ratio and would like to permanently change the AR. I use GOM player since I was fed up with VLC..

    Second I would like to convert M2ts files to HD avi..

    Third I have 1 video where it's underexposed and would like to give it PP. I don't want to have to play with the settings in GOM player every time I play it..

    Any suggestions available..?
    thank you for your time..
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    Change avi aspect ratio with mpeg4modifier, mp4 using yamb and mkv using mkvtoolnix. But some players will ignore aspect ratio.

    Try staxrip,HDConvertToX or xvid4psp to convert m2ts to hd avi.
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  3. I need a way to change the Aspect Ratio of M2TS Files. I've been purposefully using this file format due to the fact that SERVIIO does not need to transcode them before streaming to our Sony HD TVs and/or BD Players (all DLNA Streaming capable), which allows us to fast-forward and rewind very quickly and smoothly when Streaming over our Network. Problem is that some of my Blu-Ray Disks that I've ripped to M2TS have Resolutions of 1440 x 1080 instead of the standard ~1920 x 1080. The Original BD Disks play at 16:9 AR, but the M2TS Rips play at 4:3, which obviously distorts the heck out of everything (very tall figures, etc). Obviously, our desire as a Family is to Stream EVERYTHING from our Network Server for the convenience of it and not mess with flipping Disks in and out all the time. We want to stick to either the TS or M2TS Formats and we are just looking for a Tool and/or easy process to reset the Aspect Ratio of these Files to 16:9 Wide Screen instead of the 4:3 that they seem to change to when Ripped. We've been using BD Rebuilder to Rip them to ~4 GB Files with almost no quality loss (Awesome!!!). TSMuxer has come in handy for converting some other Formats to TS / M2TS as well. H264info is said to be able to do the AR change we desire, but the App always crashes on us within the first 30 seconds or so on 32 bit XP and 64 bit Win 7 Systems... Also, I've messed with HandBreak a little bit, but that only seems to put files into an MP4 or MKV Wrapper, causing SERVIIO to have to convert them when Streaming, and TSMuxer doesn�t seem to be able to work well with these Files after HandBreak has generated them.

    Again, we're very happy with the Quality and Streaming performance of our M2TS Files and are only looking for a way to change the AR setting of them so that 1440x1080 plays at 16:9 instead of 4:3. Of, if there is a better product out there for Ripping to TS / M2TS Files we�ll try that as well. Please help!
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  4. "Just a Quick note... I may have solved our problem with "XVid4PSP". Seems to have changed the Resolution to force the 16:9 AR, but no quality loss and kept it as M2TS. One Rip down; ~10 more to go... Will report back... Once thing is that it increased a 4GB File to ~4.5 GB, so it won't fit on FAT 32 any more, but I don't care anything about that... Doesn't affect me..."

    Scratch this... Using XVid4PSP converted them from 1140x1080 to 1920x1080 and made the AR look correct, but they all have random Artifacts throughout the Videos now... So still looking for a Utility to simply change the AR from 4:3 to 16:9. Please let me know if anyone has any suggestions...
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