Thnaks to the help & advice given here, I have (to best of my ability) captured my VHS collection (circa 1984 onwards), and have a large collection of Type 2 DV Files. (used good player, TBC, standalone A/D conversion)
Tapes were a mix of VHS & S-VHS PAL tapes.

I will be editing for final author with Vegas ...... but would like to know best sequence to go through to 'optimise' the captures prior to doing the editing.

I have seen the modified version of the AVI synth script
and also the Denoiser script John Meyer detailed

Also posts on using Color Mill, Median, Neat Video, MSU old color restoration, Autolevels, CNR, Temporal Cleaner ... filters in VD

Can anybody give me some advice on 'the sequence' what to start with, the 'best approach'