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    edit: never mind, apparently DelayAudio should have been 0.66 instead of 0.066 (though shouldn't original 66ms = .066 seconds?)

    Have a retail dvd that's 29.97 progressive, with the 4th frame repeated (telecined, I guess). Plays kind of oddly, would it look better on older CRT TV versus LCD TV? Anyway, was converting it to 23.976, but the audio isn't synced. I've converted this type before without issues. Here's my script, and a sample of original movie. What am I doing wrong?

    video=MPEG2Source("C:\Desktop\New Folder\gallant.d2v", cpu=0)
    audio=NicAC3Source("C:\Desktop\New Folder\gallant T80 2_0ch 192Kbps DELAY 66ms.ac3")
    AudioDub(video, audio).DelayAudio(0.066)
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