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    I no longer have the original video shot in High Definition on a Panasonic HD camcorder. I converted the video to AVHCD so it could be burned on a DL DVD. That completed, I would like to move the video to a blu-ray disc.

    Given the current AVHCD, how can I "convert" to blu-ray format. If I've lost the ability to keep the higher definition video (from HD to AVHCD), that's not a problem. I would just like the video to be moved to blu-ray disc and would, of course, like it to be playable in blu-ray players.

    Thanks in advance!
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    I would imagine whatever bluray authoring app you use should have a built in avchd import option. Assuming that to be the case you should be able to simply locate the avchd folder on your harddrive and build from there. Since dvd burning apps like tmpgenc dvd author 2 and newer let you import dvd folders from your harddrive I have to imagine a similar option exists for the bluray equivalent of avchd.

    If not you can always demux the h264 and audio and import seperately. Tsmuxer or multiavchd should do just fine for that application.
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  3. What do you mean you 'lost' when you converted the HD content to AVCHD? AVCHD is also HD up to 1920x1080.

    multiAVCHD will let you import the AVCHD folder and get it in Blu-ray format in less than one minute, without any touching of the original video.
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