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  1. when i want convert mp4 with srt subtitle MEGUI don't give me any option to change style or font size !!
    any idea about this pleas?
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  2. srt are text based subs, they have no formatting such as fonts or styles

    if you use ssa subs, you could use aegisub to make fancy subs
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  3. thanks for rely but already found way but i don't know how to change to my own style

    see here pleas
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  4. in order to do it that way, you have to learn about coding script styles, see here

    aegisub is a GUI that allows you do those edits ssa/ass subs a bit easier, instead of doing it all in code

    it's basically the same thing, both are making use of the ability to customize ass or ssa subs.
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  5. thank u
    really u gave me useful info
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