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  1. can someone please tell me how to crack region code on avi files to burn to dvd?

    i have downloaded a few avi. files and i have used ConvertXtoDVD 4 to burn them to dvd so i could watch them on my tv. when i load them i get a restricted cannot play in this area message.

    i can play them using vlc on my computer so i know the files are okay, but my tv is so much better than my monitor.

    any help i would be very grateful.

    thanks in advance,

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    AVI videos do not have region codes.

    You're likely trying to play PAL-format videos on an NTSC DVD player that cannot play PAL-format video. I don't use ConvertXtoDVD, so I don't know if it can do a conversion from PAL to NTSC, but there are additional topics on this forum about that type of conversion.
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    AVI files do not have regions. You do not have a region problem.

    What you do have is a format problem, and a DVD player that gives a piss-poor message when this occurs. My guess is that it is a Sony player.

    There are two formats : NTSC, which is used in the US, Japan and other parts of the world, and PAL, which is used in Australia, the UK and much of Europe.

    You don't say where you come from, but the issue is that you have created a disc that is the opposite format to where you live. You can change the settings in ConvertXtoDVD. It has three options : PAL, NTSC, and Auto. PAL means whatever goes in comes out PAl. NTSC means whatever goes in comes out NTSC, and Auto means if PAL goes in, PAL comes out, if NTSC goes in, NTSC comes out.

    Note : if you don't use Auto then you risk quality issues by forcing format conversion
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  4. some more deatil, use gspot to find out what these files actually are, and what is the model of dvd player you have, as it migh play the avi files with no conversion.
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