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    Hello I am trying to install the Microsoft MPEG-4 VKI Video Codec on a windows 7 64 bit system.

    This installer worked on my old system, although it was 32 bit and the dll is a 32bit dll. When I try to install I use the inf file (as before) but when I go to my encoding programs for example TMPGenc the codec is not there to be used.

    Is there a way to install this codec on a 64bit system. Or is there a version available. I don't want to use a codec pack as I only need this codec and codec packs seem to insall lots and lots of un-needed codecs that just cause even more problems.

    Any suggestions.

    Many thanks. eon
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  2. Probably similar to this post:

    I believe ffdshow has decoders for most of those broken MS codecs.
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    Given that it's a Microsoft codec, you could always try loading a video that definitely requires that codec into Windows Media Player, and see if it'll automatically download and install the codec. (That's assuming Microsoft still supports it, of course.)

    But, yeah, if ffdshow does indeed have support for the codec, I'd recommend it. (I can't check at the moment, as I'm at a system without ffdshow installed.) Then you can even enable/disable support for it, as needed.
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