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    1) What applications on the Apple Mac are available for capturing and using the QuickTime .MOV files recorded to SDHC card from this JVC GY-HM700E camera, APART from Final Cut Studio?

    JVC GY-HM700E documention here:

    I am informed that Final Cut Studio can understand these files, as discussed here:

    BUT I am not aware of any other program applicaton that can. FCS is expensive and I may consider it in the long term but for the short term would like to be aware of other options.

    The camera offers support (BUT not built-in) for a 'recorder' module that enables MP4 but this is outside my current budget for now so would like a solution for the built-in Quicktime support in the camera.

    I have a new (April2010) MacBookPro 13" that I would like to work with the material on.

    2) I have tried to play the .MOV files from the camera's SDHC card on a 2.8Ghz Pentium D with XP running QuickTime but quicktime points me here:

    ...saying that I might need to download something from there to get it to play, but looking there, none of the add-ons seems relevant. I am using Quicktime 7. Please advise here too.
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    It seems the recorded .mov files use the "MPEG2 Long GOP" video codec. Not sure if this codec is available outside of Final Cut Pro.
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  3. There are instructions in this thread , and a link to an open source XDCAM quicktime component which should work for this
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